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Please avoid blocking sidewalks with vehicles. Residents use the sidewalks for early AM & PM walks/runs. Others may use bikes. It's very dangerous for a pedestrian to proceed into the street due to a blocked pedestrian right of way. Please avoid blocking sidewalks with vehicles or accumulated trash.

What is the Public Right of Way?

The public right of way is any public thoroughfare, such as a street, road or alley. It also usually includes the property within or adjacent to the thoroughfare, such as medians, utility poles, sidewalks. Some city codes are designated to keep the public right of way safe and free from obstructions, such as signs, and other traffic hazards.

If there is an obstruction that limits sight in a public right of way, Code Enforcement Officials may ask the property owner to remove the obstruction.

Yard Trimmings, Leaves, Grass & Small Branches for pick up

Small branches (less than 5 ft. long and 3" in diameter)
Tie small branches in bundles with string or twine. The bundles must be small enough for one person to pick up.
You can also get free mulch, paint, cleaning supplies, card board.

Solid Waste Services


"We ask residents to communicate their concerns with each other first"

Please be aware the greenbelt is not a designated area for unleashed dogs to be free & roam around. For a list of parks please see this website for Austin
Be aware APD does random checks of the greenbelt for owners and pets.

LEASH LAW/LOOSE PETS: Dogs and livestock in the City of Austin and Travis County are required by law to be safely leashed or confined on the owners’ property at all times, except when a dog is in a designated leash-free area. Cats are not required to be confined or leashed, so our officers do not pick up roaming cats. Animals running loose call 3-1-1

If a pet or livestock is wandering, unsupervised and unleashed, in your area, please call 3-1-1 to make a report. If possible, but without putting yourself at risk, please try to confine a stray animal in a fenced yard or other enclosure to keep the animal safe while an officer makes his/her way to the area. Added link

INJURED ANIMALS: If the injured animal is a stray, call 311 to make a report to Animal Protection & Control.

DEFECATION BY A DOG OR CAT:  An owner or handler shall promptly remove and sanitarily dispose of feces left on public or private property by a dog or cat being handled by the person, other than property owned by the owner or handler of the dog or cat.

NOISY ANIMALS:  Again please speak and talk things out with your neighbor. For frequent and continuous barking call 311.


 CALL 9-1-1

For Emergencies call 9-1-1 (Police, Fire, EMS.)

  • Specify the kind of Emergency (Who do you need): Police, Fire, Medical
  • Give the location of emergency. Try to be specific as possible.
  • Report if weapons are involved
  • Report obstacles or conditions that would prevent public safety responders from rendering service such as vicious animals on premises, or person can only be reached by helicopter, etc.

3-1-1 for police NON-Emergencies

3-1-1 allows you to request non-emergency police service more easily, and allows the Austin Police department to handle those requests more efficiently.

Austin Police Department
Link to APD info

  • Property crimes that are no longer in progress and the offender is no longer on the scene. These include crimes such as vandalism, thefts, graffiti, stolen autos, and garage burglaries.
  • Animal control problems
  • Illegally parked vehicles or vehicles blocking alleys or driveways, pedestrian sidewalks.
  • City of Austin Codes-Residents in non compliance
  • Vehicle parked on a front yard

Helpful Numbers

  • Abandoned vehicles on street-974-8119
  • Blind Corners and Mid-block Obstructions due to vegetation-3-1-1
  • City of Austin Main Information-974-2000
  • Curb Ramps & Sidewalk Requests, Crosswalks, Garbage Pick up-3-1-1
  • Junked/Nuisance Vehicles on Lots-974-8119
  • Police Reports by Phone-974-5750
  • Pothole Complaint-3-1-1
  • Rodent/Vector Control (rats, mosquitoes)-972-5600
  • Sewage Problems-972-1000
Street Signs Down, Traffic Signal Malfunction, Traffic Signals, Tree Trimming (power lines) Call-3-1-1

  • Pollution "spills" and environmental complaints: 974-2550
  • Keep Austin Beautiful: 391-0617
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 974-4343
  • Development and Assistance Center: 974-6370
  • Abandoned and junked Vehicles: 280-0075
  • Blind Corners: 3-1-1
  • Street & Yard Parking: 3-1-1
  • Noise Violations: 3-1-1
  • Questions About Your Utility Account
     (512) 494-9400
  • Electric-494-9400---Water & Water trouble line is 912-1000-----Utilities Services-494-940
Austin Energy Website

City of Austin - Austin City Connection: Home Page

Welcome to Texas Parks

How To Report A Power Outage

Call (512) 322-9100 to report:

    Power outages
    Downed electrical wires
    Arcing electric equipment
    Dim or flickering lights
    Partial power outages
    Downed electrical poles

Be prepared with the following information. Our automated outage reporting system will ask you to enter one of the following:

    The phone number of the residence or business where the outage occurred
    The six-digit PowerLink number from your City of Austin Utility bill
Do not call 911 to report a power outage. Call (512) 322-9100.

Hospital Links
  •   Seton Shoal Creek Hospital - - (512) 324-2000 - 7 reviews
  •  Seton Family of Hospitals: Capital Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates - - (512) 324-8670
  • Seton Family of Hospitals: Seton Medical Center Austin - - (512) 324-1000
  •  Brackenridge Hospital (University) - - (512) 324-7000
  •  Seton Family of Hospitals: Blackstock Family Health Center - - (512) 324-8600
  • Austin Academic Medicine Associates - - (512) 324-8880
  • Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Austin - - (512) 474-5700
  •  St David's Hospital - - (512) 476-7111
  • Seton Family of Hospitals: Dell Children's Medical Center of ... - - (512) 324-0000
  • Cornerstone Hospital-Austin - - (512) 706-1900
  • Heart Hospital-Heart Hospital Office3801 N. Lamar, Suite 300Austin, TX  78756(512) 206-3600

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