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City of Austin Building Permits

Residential Permit Application

Residential Building Fees

Requirements For Residential Building Permits


Construction or Remodeling without a Permit

Property owners or their agents must get a permit to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, demolish or move a structure. In addition, they must get a permit to change the use of a structure (for example, to change a residence into an office). You can research what permits have been issued at


Keep in mind the City of Austin codes coincide with our deed restrictions. If you plan to build or construct in or around your property, it’s imperative to ensure that the contractors obtain the requisite permit(s) and/or obtain them yourself. Any reputable and qualified contractor should know the proper procedure for obtaining these required permits. We have provided a COA website about when and how to obtain building permits below. Failure to obtain requisite permits can result in injury to your self, your neighbors, and/or damage to you or your neighbor’s property, with fines or worse. We want to ensure health and safety for the neighbors, renters, and homeowners within BBS.  Keep in mind that BBS utilities are buried underground, especially in your front yard. Building fences in the front yard/property is prohibited due to gas lines. Building a fence in your front yard/side could put you and your neighbor(s) into a dangerous situation when a gas line is punctured or broken due to construction that has been directed by the homeowner of the property.

Call before you dig

"Its the law"

Just call 8-1-1 to use this service any time you plan to excavate at your home or business.


Llame antes de excavar

Antes de excavar en su patio, tome precauciones para no tener contacto con líneas eléctricas subterráneas. Llame al servicio de ubicación subterránea antes de excavar para saber la ubicación exacta de las líneas eléctricas que cruzan por su propiedad. Llame al 8-1-1

Marking Underground Utilities Is A Safety Issue

Electric cable, gas lines, water lines and wastewater lines could all be present under your property. Hitting these lines could result in injury, property damage or pollution of the environment. Call Before You Dig will assist you in choosing a safe site for your excavation activities.

State Law Requires Notification

The State of Texas Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act governs excavation. The act says that anyone that plans to disturb soil to a depth of 16 or more inches must contact a notification center before proceeding with their work.

One Call and All Your Utilities Are Marked
Call the Texas Excavation Safety System toll-free at (800) 344-8377. Operators are on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week (excluding legal holidays).

You may call up to 14 business days before excavating, but no later than two business days before excavating.
The operator will ask you where, when and what type of excavating is to be done. Keep your assigned request number for future reference. A locater for the various utilities will come mark their underground utilities at your site.


Before improvements shall be erected and or placed. Please contact the City of Austin and the BBS Architectural Control Committee to determine if permits are needed prior to building & construction. When we (BBS-ACC) is notified we are able to work together to identify hazards, prevent injuries and or worse, through proper permits.

If you see construction or building taking place in BBS and you may decide to do the same thing. Check to see if it was approved by the BBS-ACC and the City of Austin. I some cases it may have not been approved nor permited, it could result in fines and a code violation. It's important for everyone to be on the same page working together in making sure all areas have been covered i.e permits (BBS-ACC notified) and within city of Austin code.

By working together we ensure the health and safety of our neighbors/residents within the BBS community. When the BBS-ACC is aware of building and or construction within the community. We the BBS-HOA will be able to respond to a residents concern/inquiry about the building/construction taking place. Email: Battle Bend Springs

"The purpose"

"The purpose is to promote and preserve the quality of life,
the integrity, the safety, the residential character, and the property values of our neighborhood"


City of Austin Common Code Violations
More common code violations under CODE ENFORCEMENT

Your Responsibility to Avoid Code Violations
Austin's City Codes are designed to protect the health and property of Austin residents.

Whoever is in charge of a property (owners, tenants, residents, etc.) is responsible for ensuring that property is being used appropriately. Property owners must ensure that all structures on their property conform to the Uniform Housing Code and the Dangerous Building Code. Failure to comply with City codes may result in criminal charges being filed against you, a lien being placed on your property for the cost of clearance or repair, and/or demolition of dangerous structures.


Check the Austin City Land Development Code to determine the amount of impervious surface coverage that is permitted on your property before expanding your driveway, or making a new parking area.  Again, before installing or expanding a parking area or driveway, a property owner needs to ensure that they do not exceed the impervious surface coverage for their zoning district.  All new parking spaces are required to be paved with asphalt, concrete or brick.
Other materials, including gravel, dirt, cinders or stone may not be used to create/install a new parking area.

If a residential curb cut is needed to install or expand a driveway, a curb cut permit is required. Property owners may obtain a curb cut permit with the City of Austin’s One-Stop Shop. For more information on this issue, call the One-Stop Shop at (512) 974-6370.


Important: If you plan on replacing the fence posts, adding or extending newer ones call 8-1-1. Calling will eliminate and prevent hazards caused from punctured or damaged gas lines when digging.
A puctured and leaking gas line could result

Fences must be both in sound condition and an appropriate height. In residential areas, solid fences may not be more than 6 feet tall with two exceptions:
  • If the fence is around a pool or another hazard and if permission from all adjoining neighbors is filed with the City, then a residential fence may be 8 feet tall.
  • If the fence is between a residence and a commercial property, it may be 8 feet tall.
On a corner lot, fences must not block the view of traffic at the intersection.

Storage Sheds & Portable Buildings

Do I need a permit for an accessory or portable building?

Any residential accessory building larger than 200 square feet will require a building plan review and permit. Regardless of size, any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work will require a permit and all building locations must honor zoning and subdivision set backs.

In SF-3 zoned property, 25-2-555 states that “The rear yard setback is five feet for an accessory building that is not more than one story or 15 feet in height."

Running a Business from Home

Home businesses are highly regulated. Examples of prohibited businesses include an auto repair shop, a contractor's yard, an adult-oriented business, and a retail business. You may not store commercial vehicles at your home.

Can I have a business at home?
It all depends. Please see copy of code to determine your status.

Weeds/Grass over 12 inches

Grass and weeds must be less than 12 inches tall.

Junk & Accumulated Rubbish

Austin residents may not accumulate garbage, rubbish, brush, filth, carrion or any other unsightly, objectionable or unwholesome matter on their property. In addition, you may not store any material on a vacant lot.

"City codes protect the health, safety and quality of life of Austin residents.
Solid Waste Services enforces many of these codes"


A Division of Solid Waste Services

If compliance is archived, then the case is closed.
If the violation continues, resolution measures may include:

  • Criminal Charges in Municipal Court Hearings
  • Fines  Abatement
  • Civil Injunction
  • Orders & penalties 

Please resolve any concerns or issues by speaking and working with your neighbor first

Zoning Enforcement

  • Prohibited use violations such as a commercial business in a residential neighborhood
  • Adult-orientated business located within 1,000 ft of a church, school, public park, playground, licensed daycare or a lot where another adult-orientated business is located
  • Home business that do not comply with the Land Development Code
  • A change in the use of an existing business or occupancy without a Change of Use Permit
  • Having more than 2 garage sales in one year's time
  • Improper placement or storage of RVs, Boats, Trailers, antique vehicles or sheds
  • Prohibited structural and design elements, including fence height and building placement
  • Work without a permit

Property Abatement
  • Illegal dumping
  • Weeds & grass over 12-inches tall
  • Stagnant water
  • Accumulation of litter, brush, trash or debris
  • Tree limbs which hang lower than 14 feet over the public right of way
  • Garbage carts left at the curb
Please resolve any concerns or issues by speaking and working with your neighbor first
To report these types of code violations in your neighborhood please call 3-1-1

Helpful numbers

  • Pollution "spills" and environmental complaints: 974-2550
  • Keep Austin Beautiful: 391-0617
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 974-4343
  • Call before you dig it's the law: 1-800-344-8377

For Emergencies call 911 ( Austin Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services.)

For all NON-Emergencies call 311 i.e loose dogs, code violations, power outages, signal lights not working etc.

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