BBSHOA - Annual 4th of July Independence Day Parade

Join us as we celebrate, on Monday July 4th,Independence Day, with a neighborhood sidewalk parade with marching music.
Come early to decorate your bikes and wagons.  Hat visors, flags, flag pins, patriotic leis and fans (hand) will be handed out to all participants.

Parade starts at 10:30 AM from 409 Battle Bend Blvd, and will end at 601 Old Stone Road, where our own Master Barbecue, Chef Ray Salazar, will be barbecuing and serving hot dogs (he also said something about brisket), along with ice cold bottled water.

All participants and anyone who wants to join us after the parade, are welcomed to hobnob with your fellow neighbors.

Colton P. BBS resident representing the
See additional info below and over right.

Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:

  1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
  2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

Wildfire Safety & Actions

Lt Josh P Wildland Liason with the Austin Fire Department speaking with BBS residents about wildfire safety & actions to take with protecting their homes.

Wildfire Safety and Preparedness

We want to bring awareness to the BBS community & residents about the possibilities and what was learned from the Oak Hill Wildfire (,-threatening-homes).

As some may know the Oak Hill wildfire destroyed many homes in the Oak Hill area not due to the wildfire itself but because of embers that flew 4 blocks away and were igniting homes because of gutters that contained old leaves and cedar, a perfect recipe for ignition.
Roof turbines also contributed to the fires.  The embers entered into the turbines, which then entered the attic. The spinning turbines would accelerate the embers into a fire.
These are just a few causes but were major ones that contributed to home loss and fire damage.  We live very close to a Greenbelt its precious to us but we need to be prepared and take measures to protect ourselves and our homes, as the drought and temperatures increase so does drying of grass & trees.

Please read the following information and attachments-take action.

If you need assistance with cleaning your gutters or roofs, cutting back grass, and or questions feel free to contact your board members for assistance.

1) Keep & Clean rain gutters & roofs at all times. (Gutters with dry
leaves and broken limbs is a perfect recipe for flying Embers to ignite which is right against the outer edge of your homes roof) This is what happened in Oak Hill.

2) Roof Turbine Vents during a wildfire cover over with a metal trash can if possible. (Important to stop the movement and keep burning embers out from getting into the attic, while turbine is spinning it
will increase the ignition of the ember within the attic.

3) Tall grass within your property will only add to ignition and intensity of a fire.

4) Vehicles (back & sides of your home), trash, loose items, chemicals, storage on, up, and close to your home will only increase the ignition and intensity of a fire.

5) Boats, trailers, RVs in drive ways. Fiberglass is a perfect combustible for ignition and acceleration of a fire.

6) If possible evacuate with vehicles once they catch fire in your driveway it adds to multiple fires that AFD will have to deal with.

7) See ZONE ONE in Final Ready Set Go PDF.

PDF Fire Ready Booklet


Feel free to email your current board members with any concerns that you may have regarding wildfire safety.


Google Fiber Austin American Statesman Article

Google Fiber install process draws hundreds of complaints ...
On Lambs Lane in Southeast Austin, the words “Google Fiber” can set neighbors off into a firestorm of anger, frustration and even tears.

Google Video



To access the greenbelt 607 Battle Bend Blvd.

Please approach from the sidewalk rather than cutting through the side of the driveway. To prevent erosion. Thank you.



Colton P. resident of Battle Bend Springs and a Military Veteran, assists fallen comrades as an escort for the Patriot Guard.

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